RadonAway AIRaider Air Diffused Bubble System

Formally, BGC Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of US Radon Management, Inc, had been manufacturing well water aeration equipment since 1993. The AIRaiderTM Diffused Bubble Aeration System are highly effective for VOC and radon removal. Initially designed specifically for residential use, the commercial and municipal AIRaiderTM systems evolved from those residential models and are similarly effective. Customized systems are also available to meet specific requirements concerning the removal of Radon and VOC’s.

AIRaider TM systems are research driven products, designed by water treatment and air treatment specialist. US Radon Management, Inc, a subsidiary of Radon Management Inc., has brought new innovative design thoughts that has made it possible to install systems in a very easy and simple manner. The research staff at Radon Management continually test and evaluate new concepts on the removal of Radon and VOC’s from water to meet the highest standards in effectiveness and reliability.

The AIRaider systems offer versatility paired with a more compact, low profile then other aeration equipment (such as packed tower systems).

AIRaiderTM Systems strip the Following from Water:

Radon, Methyl-t-butyl (MTBE), Benzene, Carbon Tetrachloride, Dichloroethane, Toluene, Trichloroethylene, Trihalomethanes (THMs), Vinyl Chloride, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide (elevates pH), and many more....

Aeration System Selection


How the AIRaider™ Works

The unique, patented* AIRaiderTM systems introduce the contaminated water in a predetermined method that maximizes air-to-water contact. High pressure filtered air is propelled through special anti-fouling diffusers that equally distribute the air in each of the treatment chambers. This process separates the contaminants from the water. The cleaned water awaits repressurization in a quiescent chamber. The gases released through this process are vented safely to the outside air through a 2" vent line.
*U.S. Patent #5,614,086