Letters of Recommendation

I extend my appreciation to you and your fine staff for the installation of a radon reduction system at my home recently. As you know my home presented some challenges with regard to open drain cuts along the walls and floor of my basement. You took the time to evaluate the situation, propose a solution and do the necessary pre-testing before actually recommending and installing a system.

The installation was done neatly and as inconspicuous as possible to my complete satisfaction. Levels of radon in my home are now well within acceptable limits. My thanks to Victor Costa of your staff for his very professional and thorough final installation.

Thomas J. Daniels,
Smithfield, RI

We were in the process of selling our home in Coventry and upon the home inspection they found over 16,000 pCi/L of radon in our water and a radon in air level of 4.2 pCi/L. We contact and met with several Radon Mitigation Contractors who insisted that we would have to Mitigate both except for US Radon Management, Inc. Norman Johnson suggested that first mitigate the water and then perform another air test to see if the radon in water was contributing to the radon in air.

Mr. Johnson was 100% correct after US Radon Management, Inc installed their AIRaider Model 211 which brought our radon in water level down below 1000 pCi/L we performed another radon in air test. The results of the new radon air test come back at 1.7 pCi/L. US Radon Management, Inc due to their knowledge and expertise in Radon saved us money and in addition they were very neat, competent, very professional and most importantly extremely knowledgeable.

We highly would recommend Mr. Johnson and his team at US Radon Management, Inc to everyone requiring Radon Mitigation.

James Bell

Dear Norm,

I want to thank you and your team for being able to schedule, deliver, and install a radon mitigation unit on such short notice. My family is very fortunate to have been referred to you by our real estate agent, Dave Serpa at Coldwell Banker. Dave mentioned to us the exceptional quality of work you had done for him in the past and that your fee was the most reasonably priced. The selling of our home is moving quickly and with less than 2 weeks till the closing, a delay with this mitigation unit would not have pleased the buyers.

I would like to extend an additional thanks to Victor Costa for his professionalism, integrity, and pride in the installation of the radon mitigation unit at my home. I am very pleased with his etiquette and with the fact that he was able to place the unit and plumbing in the most appropriate locations suitable for any owner of that house.

If all goes as planned, we will be moving into our newly constructed home in North Attleboro by September this year. When it comes time for radon testing, in that home, I hope that your company and team will be available to provide exceptional service once again, if deemed necessary.

Best regards,
Fausto Soares

After contacting several local radon agencies as a new home buyer under contract to purchase my new home with radon levels lower than 4 pCi/L, I was told that successful mitigation was doubtful. The home, with radon levels over 50 pCi/L was unique in its construction, therefore, successful mitigation was unlikely.

The current home owner expanded the search and I was introduced to Norman Johnson, President of US Radon Management, Inc. Doubt turned to hope which soon turned to certainty. Mr. Johnson showed an extensive expertise in his field and did not seem phased by the basement’s uniqueness.

Mr. Johnson and his team were professional, timely, and thorough. They installed an extensive system that is both functional and aesthetic. This system mitigated an initial radon test reading of 51 pCi/L to a level of .5 pCi/L. I have great confidence in recommending US Radon Management, Inc. to any and all parties that would need Radon Mitigation Services. I appreciate your expertise and follow up.

Thomas J. DiNapoli, Jr.

Dear Norman,

We would like to thank Radon Management Inc. for all of your effort on behalf of our water treatment system. The package price for the Bubble Up Jr. for the removal of radon in our water, and the water softener for final purification, was the best among 3 quotations. Your service has been prompt and courteous. The follow-up testing to demonstrate system performance after both initial installation, and annual maintenance, has been prompt and reassuring. In addition, you have always been readily available whenever we had questions or concerns. We appreciate your service and support!

Jeanne Rotatori

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Many thanks for being so prompt and efficient when we called with our radon problem. We had already spoken to two other radon contractors who said our basement was extremely difficult, they could not guarantee results, and were dubious as to the proper installation to correct our situation. As you know, the 5 levels of the basement were a real challenge, and we are delighted with the results from your company.

You obviously had an immediate grasp of the situation, and the proper remedy. We are happy to report that our radon, which before installation tested at 11+, has now been brought down to 0.7. Your installation far exceeded our expectations.

Also, my wife and I found your crew to be very professional.

Many thanks.

Jeff Walker

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I am writing to commend your company in general and your technician in particular. He worked diligently to install radon abatement systems in the Richmond Police Station. The systems cut the level of radon down to about twenty percent of what it had been.

Your technician's work was neat, orderly and he achieved a level of radon abatement far greater than what I could imagine. He is a credit to your company.

Thank you again

Very truly yours,
Raymond A. Driscoll
Chief of Police